How Often Should You Blog?

blogging on the computer

The question of the desired frequency of blogging often comes up in the context of small business marketing.   In my experience, the more often I create blog posts, the more visitors I receive and the more income I earn.

Google values currency of information and will give more weight in search results to a site that is regularly updated.   This, in turn, leads to more traffic and more sales.

The fundamental challenge, then, is to find a topic that is (1) relevant to your business, ((2) incites your interest and passion and (3) taps into your knowledge base.  If you don’t have the requisite knowledge base when you start, you can always build your knowledge as you go, provided you have the interest and passion (which sustain you during the tough times).

While blogging at least weekly is considered a minimum frequency, the more successful bloggers argue the case for daily blogging.

Benefits of daily blogging

There are a number of significant benefits that arise from daily blogging.  They relate to your recognised expertise and visibility, your productivity and satisfaction of customer needs for information.  Here are some benefits of daily blogging that I have identified to date:

  • You establish your credibility and demonstrate your depth of expertise
  • You make your mark and stand out from other bloggers because so few bloggers are able to, or willing to, commit to daily blogging
  • You increase the opportunity for potential customers to find your blog because of the wide range of search terms (keywords) you will invariably cover while blogging with such frequency
  • You give your readers a reason to re-visit your blog – because they know that you will have fresh material on a regular basis
  • Blogging becomes easier the more you blog – a universal rule about writing
  • You develop a momentum that feeds off itself – like any habit it builds energy and commitment
  • The more you write the more topics come to mind – I find that for every blog post I do, I get two or three more ideas for other posts
  • Once you start daily blogging your conscious mind is constantly on the alert for relevant topics that you can write about – you start to see things that you overlooked before
  • Blogging provides a real foundation for small business marketing online as it generates content to share on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Squidoo.

Daily blogging brings its own rewards – not the least of which is that you are creating valuable online real estate by generating current, original content on a regular basis.