Screen Capture Blogging with Posterous

posterous screen capture blogging

posterous screen capture blogging

Posterous provides screen capture blogging in addition to the email blog discussed in my last blog post.

You can add the Posterous bookmarklet to your browser and you will have unlimited screen capture options to use as Posterous blog posts.  You can capture photos, video, podcasts and text to add to your blog.  The bookmarklet supports numerous sites such as YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo and Metacafe.  Posterous, through its screen capture technology, automatically tries to find flash embeds and large images so that your videos and podcasts can be played on your Posterous blog.

What you do is highlight the area of screen that you want to capture and click the Posterous button in your browser (you need to be logged into Posterous – you can stay logged in as an option).  There is an example of text capture from the 12SecondCommute website in the image at the top of this post.

When you use the Posterous bookmarklet for screen capture you can add comments to the captured image together with a hyperlinked URL  Here’s an example of a text screen capture and the provision for a comment on the Posterous extract: 



Ideally, you would make a 100 word comment that is keyword rich and adds to the information in the screen capture window.  The comment would also include a link to your target website/blog.  Here’s an example comment created in relation to the text screen capture at the top of this post:

Posterous comment

Posterous automatically records the URL of the screen capture and adds it as a hyperlink.  However, you can edit the screen capture and URL displayed before posting to Posterous.  You do this by clicking on the text/image displayed in the screen capture and this will result in a window displaying the HTML code for editing.  You can just highlight the relevant text or link and replace it with the desired information:

editing Posterous screen capture

Screen capture blogging with Posterous is another great option for small business marketing online as it is easy to use and is very versatile.


Posterous Offers You the Email Blog





Posterous is a unique site that offers you the option of an email blog – blogging via email.   The whole purpose of Posterous is to make sharing easier and they achieve this through the simple process of email.  The developers make it quite clear that simplicity of sharing is the essence of Posterous:

Since we first opened our doors in July of 2008, Posterous has continued to find new and better ways to make sharing simpler, more fun, and just plain awesome. It’s a commitment to never-ending improvement that runs through every bone in our body, every thought in our mind.

Since that time, Posterous has achieved a Google Page Rank of 7/10 and is ranked in the top 500 sites in the world in terms of traffic (refer the excerpt from an email post to my Posterous account shown above).

Your email blog with Posterous

The ease of this site is highlighted by the fact that you can create your account just by sending an email to – and including a subject line. The subject line of the message becomes the blog post title.

You can attach most types of files and Posterous will post it along with the text of your email (the blog post). Posterous will convert the files to the most web friendly format available. It will resize individual photos and convert attached multiple photos to an image gallery.

So via your email you can post videos, photos, documents, audio files and links. If you attach an MP3 file, Posterous converts it to a Web MP3 player.  An attached video file becomes a flash player.

URL’s (web addresses) are converted to hyperlinks and a YouTube link in your Posterous email is converted to an embedded YouTube player. Posterous can also convert URL’s from other video sites.

Posterous can handle a wide range of attached file types when you are email blogging. This graphic gives you some idea of the range of accepted files:

Posterous file types

The email blog facility provided by Posterous is incredibly flexible and easy to use.  Email blogging gives you a quick and easy way to communicate information.  Posterous also offers you the option of editing your email blog online via a simple HTML/text editor.

Simplicity is the essence as far as Posterous is concerned and the email blog option provides busy small business owners with a quick and easy way to market online by sharing ideas and files on a high traffic site.