Using Flickr Images for Content Creation

Sunrise at Mooloolaba Beach


Flickr photos are often high quality and make superb images for online content creation such as blog posts, e-books, articles or videos.  The following discussion provides some ideas on how to use Flickr for content creation for small business marketing.

1. Check license arrangements

Before you use a Flickr image make sure you check the license agreement.  You need to be aware whether or not the image can be remixed (to create a derivative product) and whether or not you can use the image (remixed or not) for commercial use.  The ShareAlike component of a license means that, “If you alter, transform, or build upon this work, you may distribute the resulting work only under the same or similar license to this one.”  The range of licenses looks like this:

  1. Attribution License
  2. Attribution-NoDerivs License
  3. Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs License
  4. Attribution-NonCommercial License
  5. Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License
  6. Attribution-ShareAlike License


2. Advise when you have used an image

In all the above licenses, you have to make an attribution to the originator in the form they request – usually a hyperlink to their Flickr site showing their username and photo title.  Of late, I have been making the habit of commenting on the photo I use and leaving a link to my blog post or other URL where I have used the image.  Often, the originator will respond with some form of appreciation.

3. Be creative in your use of Flickr images (within the terms of the license)

There are endless ways you can use Flickr images.  A common way is to integrate them in a PowerPoint presentation and make an attribution list at the end.  You could use them within an eBook (abiding by the “fair use” rule).  Wizzley, a writer’s community, has a built-in module for displaying Flickr photos which provides a range of options.  The most frequent use of Flickr photos is in blog posts and a number of the top bloggers illustrate their posts with Flickr photos.

4. Showcase a photographer via Squidoo

If you come across an outstanding photographer or one who is creating images relevant to your focus/niche, you could build a Squidoo lens to showcase their photography.  When I was working towards my 50th Squidoo lens (GiantSquid) I developed a series of lenses focused on the towns/beaches on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland (the home State for my small business).  In the process I came across the stunning photography of BarbaraJH on Flickr.  Barbara lives at Maroochydore on the Sunshine Coast and at last count had more than 7,700 photos on Flickr with 81 sets.  Her photography is exquisite, so I asked her whether she would agree to my building a Squidoo lens to showcase her work.  She readily agreed.  The lens provides a great insight into the quality of her photography:

Barbara’s public comment on seeing the early version of the completed lens was:

Thank you Ron, you’ve made a simply wonderful showcase of my photos, hopefully others will now get to enjoy seeing just a glimpse of the beautiful area in which I live.

Her personal appreciation via email was particularly moving.  This is one example of how you can build social equity through your innovative content creation using Flickr.   You can imagine that if your small business was located at Maroochydore, illustrating a top Flickr photographer from that area could bring a lot of traffic to your personal profile(s).

Flickr makes it easy for you to create online content with quality illustrations.

Free Public Domain Images from Pixabay for your Blog provides free public domain  images that you can use in your blog without the requirement to acknowledge the source.

You are free to use Pixabay images for commercial use, without seeking permission.  There is no cost for these high quality images.

The range of public domain  images is not as extensive as you will find in some of the paid image sites, but the quality is superb as in the image below:

pixabay images

Some of the top categories of Pixabay images are as follows:

  • water
  • buildings
  • travel
  • nature
  • garden
  • sport
  • boats
  • houses
  • cars
  • flowers
  • people

You can just sign up to Pixabay and get free access to a wonderful range of images that you can use on your blog or website.

These public domain images will enliven your blog or website and enable you to illustrate aspects of your posts or articles.