Is Outsourcing the Right Option or Should You In Source?


Small business owners frequently turn to outsourcing instead of in sourcing for their online small business marketing.  However, it has been my experience that in sourcing is a great option.

Have you considered what your staff or sub-contractors are capable of doing in terms of marketing your small business online?  

When you allow your staff or sub-contractors to contribute to online marketing of your business you are achieving a number of things:

  • building their knowledge and skill
  • displaying their expertise
  • cultivating their creativity
  • developing their self-confidence
  • increasing their engagement with your small business
  • developing a sense of ownership.

I have been excited by the quality of the contribution made to the online marketing of our small business by our staff and sub-contractors.  I think that “in sourcing” is an option that needs exploring before outsourcing but it requires an open mind and a readiness to experiment.  For example, I encouraged one of our staff to write an article from their Gen Y perspective – something I could not have done.

Unlike people to whom you outsource, your staff know your products and services, understand your small business environment and have first-hand knowledge of your customers’ needs.

You can engage your staff or sub-contractors in online marketing for your small business by encouraging them to:

  • build their profile on LinkedIn and connect with your small business profile
  • write articles and/or blog posts
  • comment on articles/blog posts on your site or other relevant sites
  • produce podcasts about your products or services
  • record a video interview for uploading to YouTube.

We often overlook the capacity of our staff and it is important to consider in sourcing before engaging in outsourcing.