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Integrating Online and Offline Marketing: Snap South Brisbane


Snap South Brisbane

Snap South Brisbane provides an excellent example of how to integrate offline and online marketing through the use of a creative business card.   Snap was a traditional printing business that has diversified into web design, online marketing, email marketing, e-publications and QR Codes.  In the process, Snap offers integrated offline and online marketing services.  This integration is reflected in the Snap South Brisbane business card.

Integrating offline and online marketing through your business card

Who would have thought that the  business card (the old bastion of offline marketing) would be an important means of integrating offline and online marketing, particularly in this era of social media marketing?  Snap South Brisbane illustrates this integration through their own business card.

You can see from the Snap business card pictured above that it incorporates images depicting their various services as well as QR Codes for mobile marketing.  The marketing solutions offered by Snap and illustrated on the business card include graphic design, print, web design, creative concepts and online marketing.

The reverse side of the business card has the tag line, “We do more!”, along with icons for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.  This is illustrated by the business card for the Group Manager, Sales and Marketing, Jeff Polley:

Snap South Brisbane

Using the business card as stimulus, you are able to quickly access social media sites for Snap South Brisbane or alternatively you can access these sites via the Snap website through scanning the QR Codes with a mobile device such as an iPhone or iPad.

The relevant social media sites for Snap South Brisbane are:




I think there are some lessons here for other small to medium businesses not only in the way Snap has reinvented itself to take account of the Internet age but also through its own creative marketing.   Snap South Brisbane offers integrated offline and online marketing and illustrates this integration though its creative business card.

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