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Auto-Post with Posterous: Leverage Your Hard Work

Posterous enables you to broadcast your Posterous blog post (whether or not it was created by email, screen capture or onsite blogging).  You can also specify a target for a specific email post, e.g. twitter@posterous.com. You can set up the specific accounts in the “autopost” area of your Posterous site to advise where to broadcast your […]

Leverage Your Content with Cross-Posting on Posterous

     One of the key features of Posterous is the ability to use their screen capture facility to cross post your content to your Posterous blog, even if you have published it elsewhere such as on your own website or blog..   This gives you the ability to leverage your writing and other online content. The concept […]

Screen Capture Blogging with Posterous

Posterous provides screen capture blogging in addition to the email blog discussed in my last blog post. You can add the Posterous bookmarklet to your browser and you will have unlimited screen capture options to use as Posterous blog posts.  You can capture photos, video, podcasts and text to add to your blog.  The bookmarklet supports […]

Posterous Offers You the Email Blog

    Posterous is a unique site that offers you the option of an email blog – blogging via email.   The whole purpose of Posterous is to make sharing easier and they achieve this through the simple process of email.  The developers make it quite clear that simplicity of sharing is the essence of Posterous: […]