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Stream Podcasts (MP3’s) with the Yahoo Media Player on Squidoo

One of the multimedia features of Squidoo is the option to include podcasts as part of your small business marketing on this social network platform.  Squidoo provides a setting for a Yahoo Media Player that enables you to incorporate and stream MP3’s (your own or other’s) on your Squidoo lenses.  I have found that this […]

Free WordPress Plugin: podPress Audio Player for Podcasts

podPress is a free WordPress Plugin that enables you to install an audio player in your blog post.  Visitors to your blog are then able to play the podcast directly on your blog. The key thing is that you have control over where the audio player is located so that you can ensure it is […]

Advanced Podcasting with Audacity

  I use Audacity for recording many of my podcasts – it’s free, easy to use and you can add music to your podcast. You simply save your podcast as an MP3 and then you can upload it to your website, blog, Squidoo lens or other social media site. Here’s the link for downloading Audacity: […]

Audioboo: An Easy Introduction to Podcasting for Small Businesses

Listen on audioboo.fm!   Audioboo is a very easy, free podcasting platform that lets you create up to 5 minute podcasts either online or via mobile phone.  It creates the podcast, provides the MP3 player online and supports distribution. Audioboo has a Google Page Rank of 7/10 and is ranked by Alexa in the top […]

Podcast to Promote Your Small Business and Build Your Profile

A podcast provides another channel, your voice, to extend your message and your reach.  Through podcasts, you can increase exposure to your small business and build your personal profile and business brand.  They are increasingly an essential element in small business marketing. What is Podcasting? The term “Podcast” originated in 2004 by combining two ideas, […]